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Important to know

The prerequisite for therapy is a prescription from your attending physician. If you have the prescription approved by your health insurance company, part of the therapy costs will be refunded to you at the end of the therapy.

This means that after you have paid the invoice to your therapist, you can submit it to your health insurance company. You will be subsequently reimbursed for the deductible. 

This applies to all health insurance companies.

If you have a supplementary insurance such as one from UNIQA, MERKUR etc. your deductible will also be refunded.

 If the body is in harmony, the mind is also in balance

About Physiotherapy

The term physiotherapy is based on the Greek word physis, which means nature, and the word therapy, which means treatment.

Physiotherapy’s underlying principle is that by leveraging natural stimuli on the human organism, the body's own healing potential is activated, and healing processes can be initiated or strengthened and accelerated. These are stimuli to which humans are naturally sensitized, such as movement (active and passive), pressure and traction, heat, cold, light and electricity.

Physiotherapy influences and improves the patient's condition through the targeted and professional application of these stimuli. It can restore physiological processes, correct faulty behavior from everyday complaints, correct unbalanced muscle strength ratios, alleviate or eliminate inflammatory processes and give patients the tools they need to actively and independently further this healing and prevent new problems from arising.

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