Silence - Well-being - Relaxation

Types of massage 

 Single or combined

  • Classic

  • Manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder

  • Foot zone reflex

  • Trigger point                   

  • Connective tissue

  • Segment                 

  • Mayrian abdominal treatment 

  • Cupping massage

Combined with our own products

  • Five elements massage oils: fire, earth, water, air, wood/magnet 

  • Connective tissue oil         

  • Coconut cream oil

  • Peach kernel wild rose oil   

  • Gel oil wintergreen or summerfresh   

  • Honey

  • Cocoa massage cream oil                       

Individual a mixture of active ingredients on request

Enjoy a treatment for

25 minutes  -  € 30,00

50 minutes  -  € 54,00

75 minutes  -  € 81,00

APM (acupressure massage)

40 minutes  -  € 49,00

55 minutes  -   € 68,00

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Special offers

Enjoy our "get-to-know" discount of -20% on a massage of your choice

Our BLOCK offer for connoisseurs:

-5% for a block of 5 treatments

-7% for a block of 10 treatments

-10% for a block of 20 treatments

Inquire personally about our company bonus.

Relaxation for body and mind

Massage is based ...

... on several, closely interwoven effects. These influence each other and, in this way, determine the effect on body, mind and also soul.


Increase of blood and lymph flow metabolic waste products are more removed

The tissue is supplied with more nutrients

Shifting of different tissues against each other enables loosening of attachments



Stimulation of free nerve endings in skin and muscles by mechanical stimuli

Transformation of these stimuli in the central nervous system has a calming and pain-inhibiting effect

Regulates tone




Increases tissue perfusion

Promotes wound healing

Release of endorphins and serotonin has an analgesic and mood-lifting effect


Relaxation of muscles and reduction of the activity of the sympathetic nervous system in the brain

Increase of wound healing and strengthening immune system

Pain is perceived less strongly



Influence of the energetic body by releasing the tensions with the solid body

Influence of OD and aura through the improved energy flow

May we introduce

our specialists for your well-being

Elisabeth Brunner

Beautician and masseuse

Certified APM therapist

For me it is an important concern that people can relax and enjoy moments of well-being. For this reason, I have also trained in various types of massage and obtanined my Master´s degree here years ago.

As a trained cosmetic master with years of experience, I am also always concerned about your skin and its problems and needs. The right care and a radiant complexion are guaranteed by my treatments and with our Angati natural products.

I warmly invite you to get to know and value my comprehensive osmetic care offering with natural products, massage and APM therapy.

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Elisabeth Holmes

Healing masseuse - English Native Speaker

Soft Touches can heal the body and the soul!

As a child, I dreamt of a job in which I could meet people, listen to them and help them feel better.  I will combine everything that I have learned including a pinch of intuition, nurturing and my favorite natural oils to provide a sense of well-being to your body and soul.  

It is important to me that you can relax, take a moment for yourself and feel comfortable.

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Pedro Holmes

A healthy mind in a healthy body

With my massage treatments, I would like to reach and treat not only the physical conditions that are out of balance, but at the same time bring about a balance of the soul.

In order to restore the flow of both systems and thus the harmony in a human being, the interactions of body and soul must be intensively taken into consideration.

In order to make this possible, each treatment must be individually adjusted and requires a careful approach to existing conditions.

With much joy and love in my work, I thank you in advance for placing your trust in my hands!

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Norbert Kiséri

My name is Norbert and I grew up in Hungary. There I underwent trainings as a masseur and I have been working successfully for more than 15 years in resolving painful conditions. 

My repertoire includes all standard types of massage, as well as shiatsu massage, lava stone massage, bamboo massage, sports massage, Galván treatment, Fango, refreshing massage, and hamam treatments.

My aim is to improve your health with my work. 

For massage and assistance in becoming free from pain, I am ready to come to your home!

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APM - Acupressure massage

The APM according to Radloff focuses on the energy cycle of the life energy as it is known from Chinese medicine. Complaints and discomfort are understood as the result of an unbalanced distribution of life energy or blocked flow conditions. These are localized and harmonized and balanced through various measures. The inclusion of the pelvic, spinal and peripheral joints is part of every treatment. Organs are treated as well as the structure of the tissue and the tone of the musculature.

This entire treatment concept, which harmonizes the organism and thus finds a wide range of application, does not differentiate between body and psyche, as is the case in Chinese medicine. Through the concept of the omnipresent life energy, states of mind and emotions are associated with the corresponding meridian system and the associated phases of transformation. This explains why clients can react emotionally to treatment stimuli and why body and self-perception change during a treatment session. Radloff APM practitioners take on the task of reflecting and verbalizing observations and changes and supporting the client in their perceptions.

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