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تأسست في صيف 2017 وتقدم مجموعة واسعة من العلاجات في مجالات التدليك والعلاج الطبيعي ومستحضرات التجميل والاستشارات الغذائية وعلم الطاقة.

هدفنا هو استعادة الانسجام بين العقل والجسد والمحافظة عليه مما ينعش الروح. هذا مهم جدًا بالنسبة لنا وينطبق على كل من علاجاتنا ومنتجاتنا.

مع وضع ذلك في الاعتبار ومن أجل رفاهيتك ، نضع جميع مهاراتنا ومعرفتنا في العلاجات التي نقدمها وندمجها مع منتجاتنا الطبيعية المصنوعة يدويًا حتى نتمكن من تقديم خدمة مميزة وشاملة وطبيعية لك.

Massage Treatments

Pure relaxation for body and mind with our sophisticated massage offer

A gentle technique which is applied to improve relaxation. Increases blood circulation, relieves pain, anxiety and depression, improves sleep and strengthens the immune system. This application is also particularly suitable for stress and jet lag.

Techniques from classical massage, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology are used here, with an oil of your choice. 

25 / 50 / 75  minutes

32,-/60,-/83,- €

Hot Stone

Laying on and massaging with hot lava stones can be booked as an addition to the RELAXATION, THERAPY or BACK INTENSIVE treatments.

The warmth of the stones helps to let go the stress of everyday life and to relax. This relaxes the muscles, which not only promotes well-being, but also allows for a deep-acting treatment.

50 / 75 / 90   minutes 

69,-/89,-/109,- €

Venal Friend

The "Vein Friend" treatment is a fresh relief especially in summer. Through our coordinated therapy, the legs are purified in depth. Our cleansing foam massage in combination with a lymphatic drainage promotes the detoxification of the legs and allows our booster fluid "Venenfreund" to penetrate deep into the connective tissue. A "must-have" for heavy legs and unevenness on the abdomen, legs and buttocks. 

- Massage with our cleansing foam "SchaumExtase

- Lymphatic drainage from the pelvis to the toes

- followed by a loving application of our "vein friend" (metabolism booster fluid)

75 / 90   minutes

89,-/109,- €

Foot Calf Premium

The often most neglected body parts are our feet. In this treatment, all our attention is devoted to relaxing and caring for the feet and calves, releasing tension and hardening of the muscles, while pampering the skin.

- Activating foot bath with our "foot bath praline

- Stress-relieving foot/calf massage using the pressure      point method

- followed by a massage with our foot balm

The Foot-Calf Premium Treatment combines exceptionally well with a cosmetic treatment. 

50 minutes - 69,- €

65 minutes (+restorative foot mask) 84,- €


This deep massage is especially effective for sore muscles and pain caused by tension and injuries. It can release blockages of fascia and connective tissue, stimulate the lymphatic system, improve blood circulation, and optimize posture.

This application includes techniques from Classic Massage, Trigger Point, Connective Tissue Massage, Segmental Massage, Reflexology and Cupping Massage, with an oil of your choice.

25 / 50 / 75  minutes

32,-/60,-/83,- €

Back Intensive

This massage is tailored to the back, neck, extended back and arms - with an oil of your choice.

50 / 75 / 90   minutes

69,-/89,-/109,- € 


This treatment relieves the organism and stimulates the metabolism. This stimulates blood circulation and activates the self-healing process. Honey contains active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements. These active substances can better penetrate into the organism through the skin. 

- FoamExtase - cleansing foam massage

- Organic honey - activating honey massage

- followed by a RELAXING massage

75 / 90   minutes 

89,-/109,- €

Hand Arm Dekollete Premium

Hands, arms and décolleté need a pampering treatment, because they are also an expression of personality, right after the face. This treatment not only releases tension, but also provides nourishment and care to the skin. 

- Massage with our cleansing foam "FoamExtase

- Stress-relieving hand/arm/decolleté massage using        pressure point method

- followed by a massage with our hand balm

The Hand-Arm-Decollete-Premium treatment combines exceptionally well with a cosmetic treatment. 

50 minutes - 69,-

65 minutes (+restorative hand mask) 84,- €

Relaxation - care - rejuvenation - radiant look



Special Massage Treatments

APM - Acupunture massage

Acupuncture massage (APM) is a type of massage that works through reflective pathways according to the basic idea of Chinese acupuncture theory. Together with our body oils according to the 5 elements, the energy flow and the energy qualities in the body can be wonderfully and almost playfully balanced and harmonized.

50 / 75  Minuten
69,-/89,- €

+ 35,- € for 20 minutes  Meridian cleansing 

Buccal Massage 

Special hand grips on the inside and outside of the cheeks and mouth area work deep into the tissue. Here, the treatment stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. As a result, substances that dull and age the appearance of the skin are removed.

This effect results in fresh and radiantly youthful skin. By the way, the treatment promotes a relaxed and soft skin appearance. 

25 minutes in addition to any cosmetic treatment - 145,- €

50 minutes - Buccal Massage + FoamExtase, Tonic, Serum and Final Care - 320,- €


Massage Blocks and Annual Card

-2% block of 5

-5% block of 10

-7% block of 20

-10% annual card with 35 block. For each additional treatment within the 12 months, -10% also applies.

No change for holders. Only applies to the selected treatment type or the same price category.

Get to know treatment - -20% First treatment

Cosmetics Treatments

Pampering Treatment

This pampering treatment helps the skin retain its moisture and thus firmness and suppleness. Nourishing nutrients help the skin to regenerate itself without patronizing it. The opportunity to relax against permanently stressed skin, preferably once a week. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and also for those who just want to try it out. 

Skin analysis, cleansing foam, tonic, peeling, balancing mask, individual final care.

50 minutes - 69,- €

Luxury Treatment

This absolute premium treatment is for firmness and suppleness. Your skin is supplied with essential micronutrients, the natural repair function of the skin is accelerated. Improved microcirculation delivers a rosy and youthful complexion as a result. Your eye area receives an additional pampering treatment, traces of fatigue or lack of strength are eliminated. 

Skin analysis, cleansing foam, tonic, peeling, deep cleansing, balancing mask, eye lifting, hand massage, massage for face and décolleté with a precious face oil, individual final care.

90 minutes - 118,- €

Special Series and Fluids

+ 10,- € additional charge

Moisturizing serum, AntiAging serum, Passion flower serum, Prickly pear serum, Strawberry seed serum, Apple serum, Effect fluid like Botox 

Intensive Treatment

This nourishing and soothing treatment provides your skin with intensive moisture, nutrients and vitamins. A smoothing of fine lines and lines caused by dryness is achieved, the skin becomes soft and supple. Slight skin irritations are eliminated and your complexion shines with new freshness.

Skin analysis, cleansing foam, tonic, peeling, deep cleansing, balancing mask, massage for face and décolleté with a precious face oil, individual final care.

7 5 minutes - 92,- €


Eyes Premium

The EYES PREMIUM CURE provides a radiant and awake look. Fine lines of dryness, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness are specifically combated. Your eyes shine with fascinating freshness. You will be enchanted by a velvety smooth complexion.

Cleansing, contour cleansing, coloring, pampering eye mask, gentle brush massage with anti-aging or moisturizing serum, individual final care.

50 minutes - 69,- can also be booked in addition to other facial and massage treatments.

50 / 75 / 90   minutes

69,-/89,-/109,- € 

Additional Services

+ 43,- € manicure

+ 16,- € eyelash tinting

+ 12,- € eyebrow tinting

+ 14,- € resin upper lip

+ 14,- € resin chin

+ 8,-  € additional donkey milk in mask or bath

 If the body is in harmony, the mind is also in balance

About Physiotherapy

The term physiotherapy is based on the Greek word physis, which means nature, and the word therapy, which means treatment.

Physiotherapy’s underlying principle is that by leveraging natural stimuli on the human organism, the body's own healing potential is activated, and healing processes can be initiated or strengthened and accelerated. These are stimuli to which humans are naturally sensitized, such as movement (active and passive), pressure and traction, heat, cold, light and electricity.

Physiotherapy influences and improves the patient's condition through the targeted and professional application of these stimuli. It can restore physiological processes, correct faulty behavior from everyday complaints, correct unbalanced muscle strength ratios, alleviate or eliminate inflammatory processes and give patients the tools they need to actively and independently further this healing and prevent new problems from arising.



68,-  for 45 minutes

Important to know

The prerequisite for therapy is a prescription from your attending physician. If you have the prescription approved by your health insurance company, part of the therapy costs will be refunded to you at the end of the therapy.

This means that after you have paid the invoice to your therapist, you can submit it to your health insurance company. You will be subsequently reimbursed for the deductible. 

This applies to all health insurance companies.

If you have a supplementary insurance such as one from UNIQA, MERKUR etc. your deductible will also be refunded.

A happy stomach means a happy heart

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