Von Nichts zu ANGATI - die Entstehung (Kopie)

The name Angati means vitality and wisdom - the origin of all knowledge. We keep this in mind while running our company and have developed a complementary philosophy.

We make sure to be considerate of the environment, to value and protect all life on earth. With this idea we produce natural cosmetics, detergents, cleaners and disinfectants that are good for the environment and for people.

In our eyes, creating the right product is an art in its highest form. Finding the perfect combination of active ingredients is therefore a craft in itself, which requires a lot of experience.  Our “cosmetic artists”  create Angati's unique products withher wide range of knowledge, experience and her individual touch.

The production of our products also blends together with our mission statement, meaning that the process is designed to be sustainable, and that the origin of raw materials are environmentally friendly. All raw materials are organically certified and follow strict guidelines.

Since certain raw materials are only found in specific areas around the world, we unfortunately can’t obtain these materials regionally.  That’s why we make sure that sustainable, organic and fair cultivation is used in those areas.  It is also important to ensure sustainability when it comes to packaging. Plastic is avoided as much as possible. Our customer safety is just as important to us as our sustainability concept. Which makes some product packaging not always free of plastic, for example liquid shampoo. While showering the bottle could easily drop making the experience unpleasant. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives such as green PE, wheat straw jars, or no packaging at all. Wherever consumer safety allows it, we use glass or kraft paper.

As you can see, an all-around sustainable concept is of great importance to us and is applied to all our products.

Together we do our best to preserve the earth and inspire people with our products.

From nothing to Angati - the beginning

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